Dold việt nam

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Motorcycle owners trust Dold Industries for their motorbikes accessories, motorcycle parts, and motorcycle luggage because we have been servicing the industry for more than 30 years.

Whether you’re into motorsport, motocross, ATV, touring or just general around town driving, Dold ensures that your local dealer can offer you best in-class products at a great price for you!

We love bikes. This enthusiasm is reflected in every part of our business, whether it is our range of motorcycle luggage and motorbikes accessories manufactured right here in New Zealand, or sourcing top quality brands from overseas.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the Dold Industries website. We hope you find it interesting and that our products suit your needs.


MK9054/012 DC50-500MV UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/012 DC50-500V UH AC110V 5S
MK9054/012 DC50-500V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/012 DC5-50V UH AC110V 5S
MK9054/012 DC5-50V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/012 DC5-50V UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/012 DC5-50V UH AC240V 1S
MK9054/012 DC5-50V UH AC24V 5S
MK9054/012/60 DC5-50V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/012/61 DC15-150MV UH AC110V
MK9054/013 AC1-10V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 AC15-150MV UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 AC25-250V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 AC25-250V UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/013 AC50-500MV UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 AC50-500V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 AC50-500V UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/013 AC5-50V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 C0,5-5V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 C15-150MV UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/013 C25-250V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 C50-500V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 C50-500V UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/013 C50-500V UH AC240V 1S
MK9054/013 C5-50V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/013 C5-50V UH AC230V 5S
MK9054/013 C5-50V UH AC240V 1S
MK9054/100 C50-500V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/111 C1-10V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/111 C50-500V UH AC230V 1S
MK9054/200 AC25-250V UH DC24V
MK9054/61 AC25-250V UH AC110V 1S
MK9054/61 AC25-250V UH AC24V 1S
MK9054/61 AC25-250V UH AC42V 1S
MK9054/61 DC1-10V UH AC110V 1S
MK9054/61 DC15-150mV UH AC110V 5S
MK9054/61 DC5-50V UH AC110V 1S
MK9054N.12/010 AC0,5-5V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/010 AC0,5-5V UH DC12V
MK9054N.12/010 AC1-10V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/010 AC15-150mV UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/010 AC25-250V UH AC110V
MK9054N.12/010 AC25-250V UH AC127V
MK9054N.12/010 AC25-250V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/010 AC50-500V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/010 AC5-50V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/011 AC0,5-5V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/011 AC15-150mV UH AC24V
MK9054N.12/012 AC25-250V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/012 AC50-500V UH AC24V
MK9054N.12/013 AC25-250V UH DC12V
MK9054N.12/013 AC50-500V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/013 AC5-50V UH AC230V
MK9054N.12/112 AC0,5-5V UH AC230V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 100-127V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 208V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 220-240V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 220-400V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056.12 AC50/60HZ 42-60V
MK9056.12/070 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056.12/100 AC400HZ 100-127V
MK9056.12/100 AC400HZ 220-240V
MK9056.12/100 AC400HZ 280V
MK9056.12/500 AC50/60HZ 220-400V
MK9056.12/60 AC50/60HZ 220-240V
MK9056.12/60 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056.12/61 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056N.12 AC50/60HZ 100-127V
MK9056N.12 AC50/60HZ 220-240V
MK9056N.12 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056N.12/004 AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056N.12PC AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9056N.12PS AC50/60HZ 380-500V
MK9059.11 UM AC15-150HZ 100-750V
MK9059.11 UM AC15-150HZ 150-750V
MK9065.11 AC110-127V 0,5-10A
MK9065.11 AC220-240V 0,1-2A
MK9065.11 AC220-240V 0,5-10A
MK9065.11 AC380-415V 0,1-2A
MK9065.11 AC380-415V 0,5-10A
MK9065.11/400 AC220-240V 0,5-10A
MK9065.20 3AC220-240V 0,1-2A
MK9065.20 3AC220-240V 0,5-10A
MK9065.20 3AC380-415V 0,1-2A
MK9065.20 3AC380-415V 0,5-10A
MK9065.20/400 3AC220-240V 0,5-10A
MK9143N.38 +/-5Hz UH AC230V
MK9143N.38 +/-5Hz UH DC24V
MK9143N.38/050 +/-5Hz AC400V
MK9151.11 0,02-4,5M-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11 0,02-4,5M-OHM AC24V
MK9151.11 0,6-500K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM AC380-415V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM AC42-48V
MK9151.11 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.11/001 2-450K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.11/001 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/001 2-450K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.11/001 2-450K-OHM AC42-48V
MK9151.11/001 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.11/002 0,02-4,5 M-OHM
MK9151.11/002 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/002 2-450K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.11/002 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.11/004 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/106 2-450K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.11/106 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/106 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.11/60 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/800 2-15K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.11/800 2-15K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.11/800 2-15K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.11/KSB 2-15K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.12 0,02-4,5M-OHM DC24V
MK9151.12 0,6-500K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM AC380-415V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM AC42-48V
MK9151.12 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.12/001 2-450K-OHM AC110-127V
MK9151.12/001 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.12/001 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.12/002 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.12/002 2-450K-OHM AC24V
MK9151.12/002 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151.12/005 400K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.12/106 2-450K-OHM AC220-240V
MK9151.12/106 2-450K-OHM DC24V
MK9151N.12 0,02-4,5M AC230V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12 2-450K AC110V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12 2-450K AC230V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12 2-450K AC240V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12 2-450K AC24V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12 2-450K DC24V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12/001 2-450K AC115V ,2-20S
MK9151N.12/001 2-450K AC230V ,2-20S
MK9151N.12/002 2-450K AC230V ,2-20S
MK9151N.12/002 2-450K AC24V 0,2-20S
MK9151N.12/002 2-450K DC24V 0,2-20S
MK9162.11 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9162.11 AC50/60HZ 24V
MK9162.11 AC50/60HZ 48V
MK9162.12 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163.12 AC50/60HZ 400V
MK9163.12/100 AC50/60HZ 110V
MK9163N.12 AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12 AC50/60HZ 110V
MK9163N.12 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12 AC50/60HZ 240V
MK9163N.12 AC50/60HZ 400V
MK9163N.12/010 ATEX AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/010 ATEX AC50/60HZ 110V
MK9163N.12/010 ATEX AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12/100 AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/100 AC50/60HZ 110V
MK9163N.12/100 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12/100 AC50/60HZ 240V
MK9163N.12/100 AC50/60HZ 400V
MK9163N.12/100/61 AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/110 ATEX AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/110 ATEX AC50/60HZ 110V
MK9163N.12/110 ATEX AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12/200 AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/200 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12/210 ATEX AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12/210 ATEX AC50/60HZ110V
MK9163N.12/210 ATEX AC50/60HZ230V
MK9163N.12PC/100 AC/DC24V
MK9163N.12PS/010 ATEX AC50/60HZ230V
MK9163N.12PS/100 AC50/60HZ 230V
MK9163N.12PS/110 ATEX AC50/60HZ230V
MK9163N.12PS/210 ATEX AC50/60HZ230V
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 0,05-1S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 0,5-10M
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 1,5-30M
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 15-300S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 3-60M
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 3-60S
MK9903.81 AC/DC24V 5-100S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 110V 0,15-3S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 110V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 127V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 230-240V ,05-1S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 230-240V ,5-10S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,05-1S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,15-3S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,5-10M
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 1,5-30M
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ 42V 15-300S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 0,5-10M
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 1,5-30M
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 15-300S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 3-60M
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 3-60S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ220-240V 5-100S
MK9903.81 AC50/60HZ230-240V 0,15-3S
MK9903.81/60 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81/60 AC/DC24V 5-100S
MK9903.81/60 AC230-240V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81/60 AC230-240V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81/60 AC50/60HZ 110V 0,05-1S
MK9903.81/60 AC50/60HZ 110V 0,15-3S
MK9903.81/60 AC50/60HZ 110V 0,5-10S
MK9903.81/60 AC50/60HZ 110V 5-100S
MK9903.81/61 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81/61 AC/DC24V 15-300S
MK9903.81/61 AC110-127V 1,5-30S
MK9903.81/61 AC110-127V 5-100S
MK9903.81/61 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,05-1S
MK9903.81/61 AC50/60HZ 115V 0,05-1S
MK9903.81/61 AC50/60HZ 115V 0,15-3S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 0,05-1S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 0,15-3H
MK9906 AC/DC12V 0,15-3S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 0,5-10H
MK9906 AC/DC12V 0,5-10M

9906 AC/DC12V 1,5-30H
MK9906 AC/DC12V 1,5-30M
MK9906 AC/DC12V 1,5-30S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 15-300S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 3-60M
MK9906 AC/DC12V 3-60S
MK9906 AC/DC12V 5-100H
MK9906 AC/DC12V 5-100S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,05-1S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,15-3H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,15-3S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,5-10H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,5-10M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 0,5-10S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 1,5-30H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 1,5-30M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 1,5-30S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 15-300S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 3-60M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 3-60S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 5-100H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V 5-100S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,05-1S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,15-3H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,5-10H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,5-10M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 0,5-10S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 1,5-30H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 1,5-30M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 15-300S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 3-60M
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 3-60S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 5-100H
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V 5-100S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC250V 0,05-1S
MK9906 AC/DC24V+AC380-500V 0,5-10S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 0,05-1S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 0,15-3H
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 0,15-3S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 0,5-10M
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 0,5-10S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 1,5-30M
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 1,5-30S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 15-300S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 3-60S
MK9906 AC/DC42-48V 5-100S
MK9906.32 AC/DC12V 0,15-3S
MK9906.32 AC/DC12V 0,5-10M
MK9906.32 AC/DC12V 15-300S
MK9906.32 AC/DC42-48V 1,5-30S
MK9906.32 AC/DC42-48V 15-300S
MK9906.32 AC/DC42-48V 3-60S
MK9906.32 AC50/60HZ 220V 0,15-3S
MK9906.32 AC50/60HZ 220V 1,5-30M
MK9906.32/004 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9906.32/004 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906.32/006 AC220-240V 5-100S
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC42V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC48V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC48V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC/DC48V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/024 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/071 AC/DC12V 0,15-3S
MK9906.32/071 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.32/071 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.32/224 AC/DC24+AC220-240V 3S
MK9906.32/324 AC/DC24V+AC230V
MK9906.32/324 AC/DC24V+AC230V
MK9906.32/61 AC110-127V 0,5-10S
MK9906.81/002 AC220-240V 0,5-10M
MK9906.81/004 AC/DC24V 0,05-1S
MK9906.81/004 AC/DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9906.81/004 AC/DC24V 0,5-10M
MK9906.81/004 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9906.81/004 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906.81/004 AC110-127V 0,1-3S
MK9906.81/004 AC110-127V 0,15-3H
MK9906.81/004 AC220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9906.81/004 AC220-240V 15-300S
MK9906.81/050 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906.81/110 AC110-127V+220-240V1S
MK9906.81/224 AC/DC24+AC220-240V
MK9906.81/224 AC/DC24+AC220-240V 4H
MK9906.81/224 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.81/60 AC/DC24V 0,05-1S
MK9906.81/60 AC/DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9906.81/60 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9906.81/60 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906.81/60 AC/DC24V 3-60S
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 0,5-10M
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 0,5-10S
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 1,5-30S
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 15-300S
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 3-60M
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 3-60S
MK9906.81/60 AC110-127V 5-100S
MK9906.81/60 AC220-240V 0,05-1S
MK9906.81/60 AC220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9906.81/60 AC220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9906.81/60 AC220-240V 5-100S
MK9906.81/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.81/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.81/61 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.81/61 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.81/61 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.82/004 AC/DC24V 15-300S
MK9906.82/004 AC220-240V 15-300S
MK9906.82/005 AC/DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9906.82/005 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9906.82/005 AC/DC24V 3-60M
MK9906.82/005 AC/DC24V 3-60S
MK9906.82/005 AC/DC24V 5-100S
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 0,5-10M
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 0,5-10S
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 3-60S
MK9906.82/005 AC220-240V 5-100S
MK9906.82/008 DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9906.82/008 DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906.82/010 AC220-240V 15-300S
MK9906.82/070 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/071 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.82/201 AC110-127+220-240V 5M
MK9906.82/224 AC/DC24+AC110-127V 2M
MK9906.82/224 AC/DC24+AC220-240V 3M
MK9906.82/224 AC/DC24+AC220-240V 5M
MK9906.82/224 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/224 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/250 AC220-240V 1,5-30H
MK9906.82/250 AC220-240V 15-300S
MK9906.82/60 AC110-127V 0,5-10S
MK9906.82/60 AC110-127V 1,5-30S
MK9906.82/60 AC110-127V 15-300S
MK9906.82/60 AC220-240V 0,5-10M
MK9906.82/60 AC220-240V 0,5-10S
MK9906.82/60 AC220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC110-127V
MK9906.82/61 AC/DC24V+AC220-240V
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 3-60M
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 3-60S
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 5-100S
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ220-240V 0,5-10S
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9906.83 AC50/60HZ220-240V 15-300S
MK9906N.82 AC/DC12-240V 0,05S-300H
MK9906N.82/500 AC/DC12-240V
MK9906N.82/600 AC230V 1,5-30M
MK9906N.82/600 AC230V 1,5-30S
MK9906N.82/608 DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906N.82/608/61 DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9906N.82/61 AC/DC12-240V,05S-300H
MK9906N.82PC AC/DC12-240V ,05S-300H
MK9906N.82PC/500 AC/DC12-240V
MK9908 AC/DC24V 0,05-1S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 0,15-3S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 1,5-30S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 15-300S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 3-60S
MK9908 AC/DC24V 5-100S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 0,05-1S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 0,15-3S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 1,5-30S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 15-300S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 3-60S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 220-240V 5-100S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 24V 0,05-1S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 24V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,05-1S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,15-3S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 1,5-30S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 15-300S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 3-60S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 42V 5-100S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 48V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 48V 1,5-30S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 48V 5-100S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 0,05-1S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 0,15-3S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 0,5-10S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 1,5-30S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 15-300S
MK9908 AC50/60HZ 92-127V 3-60S


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