Hydro-electric pressure switches of model HED 8 are piston-type pressure switches used to monitor a pressure value in a circuit. As a pressure value is achieved (rising or falling), the HED micro-switch changes state, which can be used as an indicator for the next sequential operation or shutdown. The HED microswitch is not a current carrying device; it is an actuator/sensor.


  • For subplate mounting
  • For in-pipe installation
  • As vertical stacking element, position of ports to DIN 24340 form A
  • In horizontal stacking assemblies
  • Five pressure stages, optional
  • Adjustment option:
    – Rotary knob with scale
  • Cable socket with circuitry (indicator lamp) – separate order

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 Description   Part Number
HED 8 OA-2X/100K14 R901102706
HED 8 OA-2X/100K14/12 R901106257
HED 8 OA-2X/200K14/12 R901106512
HED 8 OA-2X/350K14 R901106453
HED 8 OA-2X/350K14/12 R901107091
HED 8 OA-2X/350K14KW/12 R901107332
HED 8 OA-2X/50K14 R901101698
HED 8 OA-2X/50K14/12v R901107793
HED 8 OH-2X/100K14 R901102360
HED 8 OH-2X/200K14 R901099808
HED 8 OH-2X/200K14S R901102362
HED 8 OH-2X/350K14 R901101640
HED 8 OH-2X/350K14S R901102713
HED 8 OH-2X/50K14 R901102349
HED 8 OP-2X/100K14 R901102747
HED 8 OP-2X/100K14S R901106509
HED 8 OP-2X/350K14AS R901091138

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