Since 1912 MAGNET-Schultz, have been your specialist for the development and production of high quality solenoids, rotary solenoids and actuators for the industry. We have a  highly  qualified team who, in a sophisticated and competent way, develop and manufacture  a comprehensive range of standard solenoids as well as individual special developments of solenoids, rotary solenoids and actuators according to our customer’s request.


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High Duty Solenoids
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Holding Magnets
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Shotbolt Lock Units
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Explosion -proof Types for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Applications
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 Solenoids for Hydraulics
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 Solenoids for Pneumatics
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General Product Information

Magnet-Schultz WZAW 010 X00 A05
Magnet-Schultz WBAX010A00A01 24V 100%ED 50HZ 2114510
Magnet-Schultz GDAY 075 X20 E20 =20V S1 2342537 31/10 C10 m
Magnet-Schultz GBRE022AMXE07V,Un24VDC,Ib 0.19A,Pg 4.3W,Ta 40℃
Magnet-Schultz GFCX030X00E16 (MAGNET-SCHULTZ)
Magnet-Schultz GRFY035F20EB02
Magnet-Schultz AWEF004A02
Magnet-Schultz AWEF004A04
Magnet-Schultz GFCX030X00E16
Magnet-Schultz XBPX 030 K54 A01 12V ED=S1 0.98A 2174126
Magnet-Schultz AWXX010A01
Magnet-Schultz GBKK017K54V02,24VDC
Magnet-Schultz D-87700 24VDC 0.19A 4,3W
Magnet-Schultz GBRE022AMXE05V 24VDC 0.19A 4,3W
Magnet-Schultz AWXX016D01
Magnet-Schultz E-Z020-435 Wegaufnehmer 4Vss5KHz Dreieck ±25mm VA074067
Magnet-Schultz XBPX 030 K54 A01
Magnet-Schultz E-Z020-435 Wegaufnehmer 4VSS5KHZ Dreieck +-25MM VA074067
Magnet-Schultz GRFY/045/F20/E11=24V/IG0.825A/R20=21Ω/ED=S1/S=3+3mm

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