nhà phân phối MEGADYNE


OTD Automation nhà phân phối chính thức Megadyne tại Việt Nam

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“People are our main focus, even before business.”
In today’s fast and aggressive business world, Megadyne is proud to value human resources and relationships as the most important single factor in the company.  Whether they are customers, suppliers or staff.

“Quick and precise answers, problem solving approach”
Quick and precise answers, problem solving and reactive approach are factors which make Megadyne a pro-active partner.

“Promptness in adapting to changes in the market and in technologies”
Market leading innovation and flexibility in specific product manufacturing are Megadyne trait.
This allows us to maintain our position as market leader

“Short and direct Management for easy procedures”
A lean corporate structure, an efficient production system, a flat organization allow fast everyday decisions. 

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OTD Automation hện nay phân phối các sản phẩm của Megadyne:

  • Polyurethane belts
  • Rubber Belts
  • Pulleys
  • Megablue
  • Accu-Link
  • Megaweld
  • Rubber special executio

T5-165    T5-185    T5-200    T5-215    T5-220
T5-225    T5-245    T5-250    T5-255    T5-260
T5-270    T5-275    T5-280    T5-295    T5-300
T5-305    T5-325    T5-330    T5-340    T5-350
T5-355    T5-360    T5-365    T5-375    T5-390
T5-400    T5-410    T5-420    T5-425    T5-440
T5-450    T5-455    T5-460    T5-475    T5-480
T5-500    T5-510    T5-525    T5-545    T5-550
T5-560    T5-575    T5-590    T5-600    T5-600
T5-620    T5-625    T5-630    T5-650    T5- 660
T5-675    T5-690    T5-700    T5-720    T5-725  
T5-725    T5-750    T5-780    T5-800    T5-815  
T5-840    T5-850    T5-860    T5-900    T5-940
T5-975    T5-990    T5-1000   T5-1115   T5-1140
T5-1215   T5-1350   T5-1380   T5-1440 T10-260  

T10-370   T10-400   T10-410   T10-440
T10-450   T10-500   T10-530   T10-550   T10-560
T10-600   T10-610   T10-630   T10-650   T10-660
T10-690   T10-700   T10-720   T10-750   T10-780 
T10-800   T10-810   T10-840   T10-840   T10-850 
T10-880   T10-890   T10-900   T10-910   T10-920
T10-940   T10-950   T10-960   T10-970   T10-980
T10-1000  T10-1010  T10-1050  T10-1080  T10-1100
T10-1110  T10-1140  T10-1150  T10-1200  T10-1210
T10-1240  T10-1250  T10-1300  T10-1320  T10-1350 
T10-1380  T10-1390  T10-1400  T10-1420  T10-1440
T10-1450  T10-1460  T10-1500  T10-1560  T10-1600
T10-1610  T10-1700  T10-1750  T10-1780  T10-1800 
T10-1880  T10-1960  T10-2160  T10-2200  T10-2210

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