Đại lý Danfoss tại Việt Nam

danfoss Việt Nam

Danfoss is a global company that sells products and related services all over the world in an international network of sales companies, agents and distributors. The Group’s production facilities are located at 59 factories in 21 countries, which complements our desire to be closer to our customers.


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060-310966 0403504093KPS31 KPS31,0-2,5bar,G3/8A
060-410066 0403504093KPSP\IP KPS31,0-2,5bar,G1/4/IP
060-310366 0403504093KPS33 KPS33,0-3,5bar,G3/8A
060-410866 0403504093KPSP\IP KPS33,0-3,5bar,G3/8A/IP
060-311866 0403504093KPS33 KPS33,0-3,5bar,3/8A w.consol
060-310066 0403504093KPS35 KPS35,0-8bar,G3/8A
060-310566 0403504093KPS35 KPS35,0-8bar,G1/4
060-310866 0403504093KPS35 KPS35,0-8bar,G1/4
060-318866 0403504093KPS37 KPS35,6-18 bar,G1/4,Wart.
060-310166 0403504093KPS37 KPS37,6-18bar,G3/8A
060-310666 0403504093KPS37 KPS37,6-18bar,G1/4
060-319266 0403504093KPS39 KPS39,10-35bar,G1/4
060-312066 0403504093KPS43 KPS43,1-10bar,G1/4
060-410566 0403504093KPS43 KPS43 PRESSOSTAT
060-312166 0403504093KPS45 KPS45,4-40bar,G1/4
060-312266 0403504093KPS47 KPS47,6-60bar,G1/4
060-314266 0403504093KPS45 KPS45,4-40bar,G1/4
060-410666 0403504093KPSP\IP KPS45,4-40bar,G1/4/IP
060-411666 0403504093KPS47 KPS47 PRESSOSTAT/ 6 – 60 bar Pe

060-315066 0403504095CAS133 CAS133 Pressure Control, M8
060-414666 0403504095CAS\IP CAS 133 PRESSURE CONTROL
060-415166 0403504095CAS\IP CAS 136 PRESSURE CONTROL
060-315266 0403504095CAS137 CAS 137 PRESSURE CONTROL
060-315366 0403504095CAS139 CAS 139 PRESSURE CONTROL
060-316066 0403504095CAS143 CAS143 HIGH PRESS. CONTROL
060-316166 0403504095CAS145 CAS 145 HIGH PRESSURE CONTROL
060-316266 0403504095CAS147 CAS 147 PRESSURE CONTROL
060-313066 0403504098CAS155 CAS155 Diff. Press. Contr.
060-312966 0403504096CAS155 CAS155 DIFF. PRESSURE CONTROL, M8
060-415066 0403504096CAS155 CAS155 Diff. Pressure Control, I12

017-525566 0403504049RT 5 RT 5 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-528466 0403504049RT 5 RT 5 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-518266 0403504118RT19 RT 19B pressure controls
017-518366 0403504118RT19 RT19S PRESSOSTAT
017-141366 0403504102RT110\IP RT 110 PRESSURE CONTROL/IP
017-141466 0403504102RT110\IP RT 110 PRESSURE CONTROL/IP
017-511066 0403504102RT110 RT 110 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-528366 0403504102RT110 RT 110 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-529166 0403504102RT110 RT 110 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-518466 0403504101RT112 RT 112 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-519666 0403504101RT113 RT 113 PRESSURE CONTROL
017-519566 0403504101RT113 RT113E PRESSOSTAT EEx ia IIC T5
017-140166 0403504103RT116 RT116 PRESSOSTAT, 1 – 10 bar Pe
017-140466 0403504104RT117\IP RT 117 PRESSURE CONTROLS/IP
017-521566 0403504100RT121 RT121,-1-0bar
017-140766 0403504100RT121 RT121 PRESSOSTAT, -1 – 0 bar Pe
017-141866 0403504100RT121 RT121 PRESSOSTAT,-1 – 0 bar PePe
017-523866 0403504102RT200 RT200,0,2-6bar, max reset
017L003266 0403504105RT200L RT200L,0,2-6bar
017-523766 0403504102RT200 RT200,0,2-6bar
017D002166  RT 260A
017D002766 0403504116RT262A RT262A DIFFERENTIAL PRESSOSTAT
017D002566  RT262A

031E010466 0404904121CS CS PRESSURE SWITCH
031E101466 0404904121CS CS high pressure

060L117166 0403504091KP KP75,0-40bar,room sensor,Ag
060L120066 0403504091KP KP 76 THERMOSTAT
060L118466 0403504091KP78 KP78,30-90bar,2m,Ag
060L122966 0403504091KP78 KP78 THERMOSTAT/ 30 – 90 ?C
060L112666 0403504091KP KP79,50-100bar,2m,Ag
060L112566 0403504091KP KP81,80-150C, 2m, Ag

060L311266 0403504094KPS76 KPS76,-10-30C,2m
060L311366 0403504094KPS76 KPS76,-10-30C,2m
060L311466 0403504094KPS76 KPS76 THERMOSTAT
060L311866 0403504094KPS77 KPS77,20-60C,75mm
060L312366 0403504094KPS79 KPS79,50-100C,5m
060L312666 0403504094KPS80 KPS80,70-120C,75 mm
060L312766 0403504094KPS80 KPS80,70-120C,110 mm
060L310666 0403504094KPS81 KPS81,60-150,2m
060L310866 0403504094KPS83 KPS83,100-200C,2m

060L315166 0403504096CAS178 CAS178 Thermo Control, I12
060L315366 0403504096CAS180 CAS180 Thermo Control, M8
060L315566 0403504096CAS181 CAS181 Thermo Control, M12

017-5115  RT15
017L002466 0403504115RT16L RT16L THERMOSTAT
017-150066 0403504112RT101\IP RT 101 THERMOSTAT
017-514766 0403504112RT102 RT 102 THERMOSTAT
017-515566 0403504110RT103 RT103,10-45C
017-504866 0403504112RT106 RT106,25-90C,2m
017-150166 0403504113RT107\IP RT 107 THERMOSTAT
017-506066 0403504113RT108 RT108,30-140,2m
017-519866 0403504110RT115 RT115,10-35C
017-152366 0403504113RT120\IP RT120,120-215C,2m,max reset/IP
017-521666 0403504114RT123 RT123E THERMOSTAT EEx ia IIC T5
017-522766 0403504114RT124 RT124 THERMOSTAT
017-522966 0403504114RT124 RT124,200-300C,5m
017-523166 0403504114RT124 RT124,200-300C,max reset
017-523666 0403504110RT140 RT140,15-45C,2m
017L003166 0403504115RT16L RT140L,15-45C,2m
017-524166 0403504110RT141 RT141,40-80C,2m
017D003166 0403504108RT270 RT270,0-15C,2x5m
017D004466 0403504108RT271 RT271,0-20C,2x10m

061B200066 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1411-1CB04
061B200166 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-3421-1CB04
061B200266 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1411-1DB04
061B200366 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-3421-1DB04
061B200466 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1211-1DB04
061B200566 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1011-1DB04
061B200966 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1011-1CB04
061B201566 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1011-0DB04
061B201666 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1211-0DB04
061B201766 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5000-1211-0DB04

061B000066 0403504044MBC5180 MBC 5100
061B000166 0403504044MBC5180 MBC 5100
061B000266 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B000366 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-3421-1DB04
061B000466 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B000566 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B000666 0403504041MBC5100 MBC 5100
061B000766 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-2211-1DB04
061B000966 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-1011-1CB04
061B200866 0403504041MBC5104 MBC 5100 HERM
061B201066 0403504040MBC5000 MBC5100-1211-1CB04
061B201266 0403504041MBC5100 MBC5100-1011-1CB04

061B126066 0403504043MBC5080 MBC 5080 Diff. pressure
061B128066 0403504044MBC5180 MBC 5180 Diff. pressure

061B800266 0403504019MBC8100 MBC 8100
061B800366 0403504019MBC8100 MBC 8100
061B800466 0403504019MBC8100 MBC 8100


061B200066 MBC5000-1411-1CB04
061B200166 MBC5000-3421-1CB04
061B200266 MBC5000-1411-1DB04
061B200366 MBC5000-3421-1DB04
061B200466 MBC5000-1211-1DB04
061B200566 MBC5000-1011-1DB04
061B200966 MBC5000-1011-1CB04
061B201566 MBC5000-1011-0DB04
061B201666 MBC5000-1211-0DB04
061B201766 MBC5000-1211-0DB04
061B208666 MBC5000
061B208866 MBC5000-2431-1CB04
061B300066 MBC5000-3231-1CB04
061B300166 MBC5000-4241-1CB04
061B300266 MBC5000-3231-1DB04
061B300366 MBC5000-4241-1DB04
061B300466 MBC5000-2431-1DB04
061B300566 MBC5000-3641-1DB04
061B300666 MBC5000-3441-1CB04
061B300766 MBC5000-3641-1CB04
061B300866 MBC5000-2431-1CB04
061B301266 MBC5000
061B500066 MBC 5000-5651-1CB04
061B500166 MBC 5000-5451-1CB04
061B500266 MBC 5000-5251-1CB04
061B500566 MBC 5000-XX51-1XXXX/ 25 – 350 bar Pe

061B000066 MBC 5100
061B000166 MBC 5100
061B000266 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B000366 MBC5100-3421-1DB04
061B000466 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B000566 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B000666 MBC 5100
061B000766 MBC5100-2211-1DB04
061B000966 MBC5100-1011-1CB04
061B001066 MBC5100-1211-1CB04
061B001166 MBC 5100
061B001266 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B002166 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B002266 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B002366 MBC 5100
061B002566 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B002666 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B002766 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B002866 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B002966 MBC5100-2011-1DB04
061B003066 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B003166 MBC5100-2211-1DB04
061B003266 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B003366 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B003566 MBC5100-1011-2DB04,set.0,7b
061B003666 MBC5100-1011-2DB04,set.0,4b
061B003766 MBC5100-2821-1DB04
061B004066 MBC5100-1211-1CC04
061B004266 MBC 5100
061B004966 MBC 5100
061B005166 MBC 5100
061B005266 MBC 5100
061B005366 MBC 5100  3421 3DB04
061B005466 MBC 5100 1211-3DB04
061B008066 MBC5100-1211-1DA05
061B008166 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B008266 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B008366 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B008466 MBC5100-3221-3DA05
061B008566 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B009066 MBC5100-1211-3DA05
061B009166 MBC5100-2621-3DA05
061B009266 MBC5100-2621-3DA05
061B009366 MBC5100-2621-3DA05
061B009466 MBC5100-2621-3DA05
061B009566 MBC5100-2621-3DA05
061B009666 MBC5100-1211-0DA05
061B010066 MBC5100-1411-2CB04
061B010266 MBC5100-1411-2DB04
061B010366 MBC5100-3421-2DB04
061B010466 MBC5100-1211-2DB04
061B010566 MBC5100-1011-2DB04
061B010966 MBC 5100-1011-2CB04
061B011066 MBC5100-1211-2CB04
061B012066 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B012166 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B012266 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B012366 MBC5100-1211-1DB04
061B012466 MBC5100-3421-1DB04
061B012566 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B012666 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B012766 MBC5100-1411-1DB04
061B012966 MBC5100-1011-1DB04
061B013366 MBC5100
061B013466 MBC5100
061B013566 MBC5100-1411-2DB04
061B015966 MBC 5100-1411-3DA05/ -0,2 – 10 bar Pe
061B016366 MBC 5100
061B016466 MBC 5100
061B040066 MBC5100-2621-1DB04
061B100066 MBC5100-3231-1CB04
061B100166 MBC5100-4241-1CB04
061B100266 MBC5100-3231-1DB04
061B100366 MBC5100-4241-1DB04
061B100466 MBC5100-2431-1DB04
061B100566 MBC5100-3641-1DB04
061B100666 MBC 5100
061B100766 MBC5100-3641-1CB04
061B100866 MBC5100-2431-1CB04
061B100966 MBC5100-2231-1DB04
061B101266 MBC5100-4441-1CB04
061B101466 MBC5100-2431-1DB04
061B101666 MBC5100-243X-1CB04
061B101766 MBC5100-2031-1DB04
061B102366 MBC5100-2031-1CB04
061B102466 MBC5100-3331-1DB04
061B102566 MBC5100-2431-2DB04,set.2bar
061B102766 MBC5100
061B102966 MBC 5100-2231-2DB04/ 1 – 6 bar Pe
061B103566 MBC 5100
061B105466 MBC 5100 2431-3DB04
061B106966 MBC5100-2231-1DA05
061B108066 MBC5100-2231-3DA05
061B108166 MBC5100-2231-3DA05
061B108366 MBC5100-2231-3DA05
061B110066 MBC5100-3231-2CB04
061B110166 MBC5100-4241-2CB04
061B110266 MBC5100-3231-2DB04
061B110366 MBC5100-4241-2DB04
061B110466 MBC5100-2431-2DB04
061B110566 MBC5100-3641-2DB04
061B110766 MBC5100-3641-2CB04
061B110866 MBC5100-2431-2CB04
061B111066 MBC 5100
061B200866 MBC 5100 HERM
061B201066 MBC5100-1211-1CB04
061B201266 MBC5100-1011-1CB04
061B201466 MBC5100-36X1-1XXXX
061B208066 MBC5100-1411-1XXXX
061B208166 MBC5100-36X1-1XXXX
061B208266 MBC5100-1011-0DB04/IP
061B208366 MBC5100-3421-2DB04/IP
061B510066 MBC 5100-5251-1CB04/ 16 – 160
061B510166 MBC 5100-5451-1CB04/ 25 – 250 bar Pe
061B510266 MBC 5100-5651-1CB04/ 40 – 400 bar Pe



061B126066 MBC 5080 Diff. pressure
061B127066 MBC 5080 Diff. pressure
061B128066 MBC 5180 Diff. pressure
061B128166 MBC 5180 Diff. pressure
061B128266 MBC 5180 2031-3DB04
061B128966 MBC 5180 Diff. pressure
061B129066 MBC 5180 Diff. pressure



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